How Duette Shades Can Revolutionize Homes

How Duette Shades Can Revolutionize Homes & Living Rooms in Coquille, Oregon (OR) with Customizable Honeycomb

In this article, Express Blinds & Beyond – conveniently located in Coquille, Oregon (OR) – is here to help ask how Duette® shades can revolutionize homes. Contact us today to learn more about these amazing honeycomb shades from Hunter Douglas.

When you think about revolutionizing your home, the first things that might come to mind are smart devices, heated floors, or brand new kitchen counters. However, did you know that you can also transform your home with window treatments? Read on to discover how Duette® Shades can revolutionize your home.

Pioneer of Efficiency

Honeycomb shades are known as the pioneer of efficiency due to their unique honeycomb pocket design. This design is engineered to specifically prevent energy loss (which can climb to 50 percent with regular shades), retain warm air in the winter and retain cool air in the summer. This means fewer trips to the thermostat and less dread when the energy bill comes. In fact, honeycomb shades are known to reduce energy bills over time without you having to sacrifice a comfortable home temperature. If you want to take energy-efficiency a step further, consider the Duette® Architella® shade. This shade features a honeycomb within a honeycomb, providing maximum energy-saving capabilities.


Duette® Shades are not only great for saving energy, but they are also great for those who wish to add some style to their living spaces. Honeycomb shades are available in a large array of pleat sizes, colors, fabrics, textures, and opacities for varying levels of privacy and sun protection. Whether your decorating style calls for a bold red that gives a room a pop of pizzazz or a calming blue that sets a tranquil tone, Duette® Shades will ensure that your living space looks great and is working hard to reduce your energy bills over time.


Homes have come a long way since the styles of the pioneers. This means that window styles are not just the standard square or rectangle shape. Windows come in all shapes and sizes that range from square to circle to even octagonal! To accommodate, Hunter Douglas creates window treatments that can fit in a variety of standard or unique window shapes, making Duette® Shades perfect for different types of small windows, large windows, and sliding glass doors. When it comes to honeycomb shades, you can feel free to hand them on multiple window shapes in your home.

High Tech

Duette® Shades are available in multiple operating system options that work to make your life just a little easier. One such example that can help you transform your home is the Hunter Douglas PowerView® Motorization system. This operating system allows you to schedule when you want your windows to close, open, and/or adjust. Gone are the days of running around adjusting your windows and in are the days of letting your blinds work for you. You can even control your cellular shades with your voice. How is that for a party trick?


If you are seeking a way to revolutionize your home, consider starting with your windows. Honeycomb Shades will transform your windows into energy-efficient, unique, versatile, and high tech aspects that are sure to transform your living space. If you are ready to get your own cellular shade set, be sure to contact Express Blinds & Beyond today!

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